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35th Annual APPI Conference ‘Recovering Lost Learnings in EFL: what and how?’

The APPI team is delighted to welcome you to the 35th Annual Conference in the beautiful, thriving Braga and its community who are hosting the event on May 13, 14 and 15 for the first time, and APPI feel most happy and thankful for it. Conference delegates can count on an exciting programme focusing both on the main topic and many others pertaining to the daily classroom practice embracing all teaching levels as offered by our talented, generous, renowned national and international speakers whom APPI are so grateful for. It includes plenaries, concurrent sessions with workshops, talks and some synergy strand, ensuring interactivity and cooperation among participants. This will surely bring together professionals with common interests to discuss issues and share ideas and network, to create new ideas, and spark motivation relating to a specific topic.